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The Green Cleaner is a green cleaning introduction agency - we introduce you to cleaners that are referenced, vetted, experienced and able to provide you with a high standard of cleaning without using chemicals, giving you a cleaner, healthier home.
The Green Cleaner was set up by Liz and Vicki who have known and worked with each other each other since BC (before children). They have been converted to green cleaning because of the benefits to their families health and the environment.
Domestic cleaning agency
We have found, even with our friends, that one of the biggest hurdles to green cleaning is the ingrained perception that ‘it can't be clean unless it's been bleached’, another is lack of knowledge, and in some cases it’s time. This is what we have set out to change with The Green Cleaner. Over the last couple of years we have tried and tested almost every natural, chemical free cleaning product on he market and also many home-made recipes. We have found that you don’t need to use chemicals to have a clean, hygienic home. We sell all our favourite products in our green shop and our tested recipes are here online for you to try.
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This knowledge, combined with our past experience of managing a domestic cleaning agency, and a lovely, very green friend who has spent years trying to get her cleaner 'off the bleach', prompted us to launch The Green Cleaner. As well as helping you be as green as you want to be, we aim to provide the best service possible that’s also fair to all: fair to the customer – our cleaning agency fees are low, fair to 
our cleaners – our cleaner wage is the highest locally and fair to all that we trade with.


Welcome to The Green Cleaner! The Green Cleaner is a green cleaning introduction agency - we introduce you to cleaners that are referenced, vetted, experienced and able to provide you with a high standard of cleaning without using chemicals, giving you a cleaner, healthier home.




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